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Feb 22 2021

FourStar Branding y la fuerza de una marca

La marca -o branding, como se denomina en inglés- puede ser justamente la línea divisora entre el éxito y el fracaso de su negocio. Una buena marca hace crecer el valor de su empresa, transmite confianza, motiva a los empleados, ayuda en la mercadotecnia y hasta resultaría un imán en su afán de vender sus producto o servicios. En cambio, una marca desconocida podría tener el efecto contrario. Patricia Aguilar ...
Feb 8 2021

Alum “levels the playing field” with Marketing Firm in Little Village

In April, alumna Patricia Aguilar watched on CNN as the U.S. surgeon general explained the outsize impact of COVID-19 on minority communities. The national address inspired FourStar Branding’s multicultural campaign “Protect to Respect,” reaching 500,000 people with a PSA about wearing face masks to protect others. Aguilar earned her bachelor’s in integrated marketing communications from Roosevelt University in 2004. As the founder of FourStar Branding, she is out to change what she ...
Nov 16 2020

Posible Chicago Expo Virtual En Espanol Powered by Univision

Whether your business is in the idea or the growth stage, POSIBLE Chicago offers you the tools and guidance you need to take the next step. We invite you to attend a series of conferences, workshops, discussion panels and special presentations.   Patricia Aguilar Branding Speaker in 2019 and 2020 November 2019 In-Person at Malcolm College November 2020 Virtual Expo
Jun 28 2020

Get Down To Business with Shalom Klein AM 560 The Answer

Patricia Aguilar joined Shalom Klein on his weekly radio show, Get Down To Business, to discuss the “Protect to Respect” COVID-19 PSA Campaign.
May 9 2020

The IHCC is proud to participate in the “Protect to Respect” campaign

That night, Patricia Aguilar, one of the most recognized marketing experts in Chicago’s business community, was watching CNN. Suddenly she heard the words of U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, who spoke about how the Coronavirus affects minority communities (African Americans, Hispanics, Asians). Adams made a direct and dramatic call to the country, asking to wear the mask because protecting ourselves meant taking care of those we love the most. Those words ...
May 1 2020

Chicago Creative Marketing Firm Creates Protect To Respect COVID-19 PSA Campaign

Recognizing the importance of Chicago’s neighborhood minority-owned retailers to implement COVID-19 safety measures, FourStar Branding, a Chicago creative branding and marketing firm providing small businesses and nonprofits access to top blue chip services, created the “Protect To Respect” PSA campaign urging people to wear masks. The firm partnered with the Little Village Chamber of Commerce, the Little Village Community Foundation, Food, 1871 and the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. ...
Apr 6 2020

FourStar Branding in Partnership with Little Village Community Foundation

Xquina Incubator will create an open, accessible and inclusive learning environment that provides bilingual, adaptable training and coaching for current and emerging businesses, working-class residents, media professionals and local youth. The Foundation has identified several core partners, including the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, State of Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Center and FourStar Branding, as well as local universities, to provide technical business support, branding, entrepreneurial training and a bilingual, ...
Nov 1 2019

Twelve Innovative Partnerships to Help Businesses of Color Grow

Small business owners drive economic empowerment, both through their direct economic impact and as anchors and job-creators for the communities they serve. We know that small businesses comprise 58% of Chicago jobs as a whole and a full 70% in disinvested neighborhoods, according to a report by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City. (1021.5KB) We also know that self-employed business owners, specifically people of color, experience faster earnings growth ...
Mar 27 2018

Meet Patricia Aguilar of FourStar Branding in River North

Today we’d like to introduce you to Patricia Aguilar. Patricia, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far. You might call my story “From big beginnings, small business happens.” Starting my career working in the big leagues, with MARVEL, McDonald’s and Big Pharma, I’ve come full circle with my life’s work now devoted to elevating small businesses. ...