Chicago Creative Marketing Firm Creates Protect To Respect COVID-19 PSA Campaign

Firm Partners with Chambers of Commerce, Nonprofit and Local Businesses
  • May 1, 2020
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Recognizing the importance of Chicago’s neighborhood minority-owned retailers to implement COVID-19 safety measures, FourStar Branding, a Chicago creative branding and marketing firm providing small businesses and nonprofits access to top blue chip services, created the “Protect To Respect” PSA campaign urging people to wear masks.
The firm partnered with the Little Village Chamber of Commerce, the Little Village Community Foundation, Food, 1871 and the Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. This partnership was possible by the support of the following four foundations: The Chicago Community Trust, The Coleman Foundation, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Robert R. McCormick Foundation. This was a collective support for a new partnership designed to improve the ecosystem of small businesses.
The “Protect To Respect” PSA campaign infuses a strong message and bold imagery to stress the importance to protect people and their loved ones by taking the most critical action during this pandemic: to always wear a mask while visiting stores, restaurants and doctor’s offices and other essential businesses.
FourStar Branding’s President and Founder Patricia Aguilar explained that the PSA campaign’s inspiration came from watching U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams give his expertise on how people can take precautions during COVID-19.
“As I watched CNN along with millions of viewers as the U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams spoke of the severity of the Coronavirus affecting our minority communities, I understood how important it is for all of us to protect ourselves and our loved ones,” she said. “Dr. Adams truly inspired our ‘Protect To Respect’ PSA campaign. This is a definitive and personal call to action. This PSA campaign is done with purpose, inclusivity and a specific focus to define the personal reasons for people to wear their masks.”
Little Village Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Blanca R. Soto is proud to be part of this special PSA campaign.
“Sometimes, wearing a face mask during COVID -19 is the best way to show our true selves,” Soto said. “It’s saying to others: ‘Who do you wear your mask for?’”
Aguilar explains that difficult situations call for people to be proactive. The collaboration for this PSA campaign provides such an example.
“Challenging times make us come together and become stronger in the midst of the darkness,” said Aguilar “We are calling this an organic PSA campaign because it is fueled by the love each one of us has for each other.”