Little Village Chamber of Commerce




Original Logo difficult to read, costly to reproduce.
Original Logo audience could not identify with logo.
Original Logo Color scheme was reflective only of Mexico.
Original Logo had no tie-in with Chicago.


The new LVCC logo is a cultural marker representing Mexican pueblos in the City of Chicago. The earth tone palette represents “Tierra Patria,” and the terra cotta gateway arch invites you to enter Tu México, Tu Chicago experience. The “Little Village” font welcomes everyone through the LVCC terra-cotta archway. The “Chamber of Commerce” font sits as the foundation of the community. The “Relojes Centenario” clock is a visual representation of the binational relations with Mexico. Modern with the touch of the LVCC mission-style architecture Hacienda feel. The “Chicago” word interchanged with “Bienvenidos” for marketing purposes. Blue stars represent the City of Chicago.

Branding Hub Program Deliverables

  • Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Design
  • Production






Small Businesses

Brand Identity System

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Color Schematics

Brand Patterns

Print Production

LVCC Brochure_outside
LVCC Brochure_inside
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Website Design & Development


Additional Creative Assets


“The new logo meant a fresh new start for the Chamber (taking the chamber to a new era), and when choosing a logo, it needed to have a unique design, something more modern (clean) than our previous logo, something that the new generation can relate to, but at the same time keep that unique culture identity to it as we are known in our community. Four Star Branding understood our vision and helped us put that unique Mexico cultural welcoming touch to our logo, but also representing Chicago with the blue stars. Tu Mexico, Tu Chicago!”

Blanca R. Soto

Finance Director of LVCC

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