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“Thank you for leveling the playing field for us!”

“With FourStar Branding’s help, we feel confident that FARO's branding is on par with that of Fortune 500 companies. It makes all the difference when we present to clients and prospects.”

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Olga Camargo
CEO & Founder of Faro Associates


“My new brand identity communicates expansion of our personal services.”

“FourStar Branding's expertise and services helped us increase our revenue.” 

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Lisa Moore
Owner of Lisa Moore Personal Services

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“If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that.”

“FourStar has given EAI a professional logo that anchors its company brand & becomes the most visible manifestation of the company.” 

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Sara Munoz-Abramowicz
President & CEO of EAI


“FourStar Branding breathed life into our business.”

“They gave us an identity to move our business to the next level.” 

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Johnel Mugnaini
Rafael Rivera

Owners of All-Star Painting & Contracting


“Their expertise will help businesses grow, brand, and compete.”

“We continue to look forward to FourStar’s support in helping us create our message of arts & education to the national & international communities we serve.”

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Jorge Perez
Executive Director of Ensemble Español


Our branding reflects the growth and maturity of our company.

“We now have the ability to better attract new prospects and new talent.”

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Cesar A. Santoy
Principal AIA, LEED of Studio ARQ


The new logo meant a fresh new start for the Chamber.”

It needed to have a unique design, something more modern (clean) than our previous logo, something that the new generation can relate to, but at the same time keep that unique culture identity to it as we are known in our community. Four Star Branding understood our vision and helped us put that unique Mexico cultural welcoming touch to our logo, butalso representing Chicago with the blue stars. Tu Mexico, Tu Chicago!.”

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Blanca R. Soto
Executive Director of Little Village Chamber of Commerce

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“The logo provides us with a complete professional and amazing branding identity that will stand the test of time.”

“With the help of FourStar Branding, we were looking for an exceptional typographical representation of learning together, the identity and color’s in the brand identity gives everybody a reason to feel they are learning together.”

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Juan Saldana III
Project Manager of Juntos Emprendemos at Little Village Chamber of Commerce


“Everyone responds positively to our new logo! ”

"The first thing anyone comments is “Que padre!" I'm confident we are reaching our market and remaining culturally relevant."

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Kim Close
Executive Partnership Manager of Little Village Community Foundation