We’re proud of the work we’ve produced executing sophisticated marketing communications and branding solutions.


We’re here to help grow small businesses and nonprofits—with access to top blue chip marketing and branding services.


We employ comprehensive solutions with tailored approaches that match our clients’ exact needs and objectives.



“With FourStar Branding’s help, we feel confident that FARO's branding is on par with that of Fortune 500 companies. It makes all the difference when we present to clients and prospects. Thank you for leveling the playing field!”

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Olga Camargo

CEO & Founder of FARO Associates 


Harold Washington

That which we do to help others succeed, aids in our own success.
Former Chicago Mayor Harold Washington

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Mayor Washington's words ignited my imagination and empowered me to dream of a company.
One that would increase access to blue-chip marketing services and exclusively promote small businesses enterprise.